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10 Reasons To Start Today

When you lose weight, you can gain so much... confidence, energy and a healthier body. When you're just starting out, it can be hard to imagine feeling so different and sometimes just getting started can be the difficult bit! Here are our top 10 reasons to stop doubting, stop stalling and start slimming with us today:
1. Do it for the wardrobe: How good would it feel to finally start shopping at the front of the rack!?
2. Do it for the energy boost: Feel fitter and go further than ever before!
3. Do it for the family: Instil healthy eating habits now for your family’s future. Your children will benefit from being fitter and healthier earlier on in life.
4. Do it for the Facebook update: How good will it feel reaching Target and finally being able to post that before and after photo?
5. Do it for the bank balance: Save money on share bags of sweets, eating out and takeaways. The healthier your trolley looks, the healthier your bank balance will be!
6. Do it for the confidence boost: Feel your self-esteem soar with every kilo you lose!
7. Do it for the mood boost: exercise is directly linked to your brain producing endorphins which give you an instant mood boost. Prolong this effect with healthy eating and you’ll constantly be on cloud 9!
8. Do it for the ‘I told you so,’ factor:  What could be sweeter than proving your doubters wrong? 
9. Do it for the future: Lessen your risk of weight related illnesses such as heart disease.
10. Do it for yourself: Because your health and wellbeing is worth caring for!
The only thing you lose by waiting is time. Why wait? Find details of your local Scottish Slimmers class and how to join here
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