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Week 1: Christmas Countdown Challenge

We can officially talk about Christmas now but let's keep calm. There's still time to lose weight and be the best you this Christmas! You could lose as much as 7 -10 pounds before the holiday week. This November, we are setting a weekly challenge to encourage you to focus on one extra aspect to stay on track over the Winter and in time for the Christmas celebrations.

Challenge 1: Start your Christmas Slim Down

We all know that sensible weight loss is a gradual process, but there's nothing wrong with wanting an immediate boost. Here's a selection of things you can do in November to make you feel good as you begin your Christmas slimdown:

Take some time out for yourself:†
This time of year can be quite stressful so it is important you make sure to look after yourself and get the support you need. Get along to your class and we can help with the challenge!
Whether it's meditating, soaking in the bath or insisting you be left alone for 15 minutes, take the time you need to chill.

Eat well to feel well
Give your body the strength it needs. Fill your plate with veggies and make sure you get at least 3 portions a day. Add your vitamin packed fruits every day too and keep your immune system strong to beat the colds and flu season!
It's easy if you try a small banana with your porridge or cereal in the morning. For lunch - soup, a sandwich with some salad and 3 tangerines and you're almost there. That means some vegetables in your main meal or on the side and you will have managed to eat your daily quota of fruit and veg. Challenge yourself to keep your fruit and veg intake as high as possible!

Go shopping
You don't have to splurge on a completely new wardrobe. Just choose one item that you're aiming to fit into for the festive season or find some new underthings that make you feel special. You'll start feeling good about yourself from the inside out.†

A weekly motivation injection!†
Losing weight with others can be fun and a great way to stay motivated so bring a friend along to your class and let's do this all together!††