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Target Talk

Weight Loss Try for 10%

Apr 02 2015 02:00 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in Target Talk

Are you feeling down about how far from your Target Weight you are? Well you may be happy to know that just by shedding 10% of your body weight that you have already been making significant changes to your overall health and wellbeing!

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What is the Body Mass Index?

Mar 20 2015 09:00 AM | Super Hostess in Target Talk

Body mass is calculated from a formula using height and weight and gives an indication of health risk and longevity.  

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Measure Up

Jun 22 2013 07:36 PM | Super Hostess in Target Talk

Carrying a lot of fat around your middle (apple shape) poses more of a health risk for heart disease and diabetes than fat stored on hips and thighs (pear shape). So, even if you have reached your Target Weight, its a good idea to check your waist measurement.

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Stay slim secrets

Jun 22 2013 08:09 PM | Super Hostess in Target Talk

The tricks that help to keep you at Target

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Stay slim forever!

Jun 22 2013 08:18 PM | Super Hostess in Target Talk

You're at Target - fantastic! But what now? Scottish Slimmers' Lifetime Membership offers you everything you need to stay slim - forever!

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After Target - What Next?

Jun 22 2013 08:15 PM | Super Hostess in Target Talk

FAQ about what comes after Target - answered!

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Target for Life!

Jun 22 2013 07:56 PM | Super Hostess in Target Talk

Think slim, stay slim - here's how! Now that you have reached Target, you should be able to enjoy your new shape and live life!

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