FeelGood Pack - with bonus bundle FREE!


Our FeelGood pack, only from Scottish Slimmers, is the ultimate selection of books to help you lose weight and feel healthier and happier.

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The FeelGood Pack is about more than just weight loss - it's time to reconnect with nutritious, delicious food.

Nourish your body with food that helps you feel happy and healthy, all while slimming down to reach your goals.

With nutritious recipes and tasty meals ideas to inspire you, you'll get the best start to your weight loss, and packed with easy recipe ideas for cooking, baking, snacking, and slow-cooking.

FeelGood Pack Includes:

  • FeelGood Eating Plan Guide
  • FeelGood Food
  • Meal Ideas
  • Your Favourites recipe book


Makeover Bundle - FREE!

  • Low cost makeover
  • Leftover makeover
  • Fast Food makeover

So what are you waiting for?

Get your Scottish Slimmers FeelGood Pack today and you'll be winning at weight loss in no time!