Digital Detox

Group Of Multicultural Friends Using Smartphone Outdoors People Hands Addicted By Mobile Smart Phone Technology Concept With Connected Men And Women Shallow Depth Of Field On Vintage Filter Tone
Group of multicultural friends using smartphone outdoors - People hands addicted by mobile smart phone - Technology concept with connected men and women - Shallow depth of field on vintage filter tone

Technology is an incredibly powerful and useful tool that allows us to do many things such as staying connected with friends, keeping up with the latest news and tracking our banking. However, it is a powerful distraction from the things we should be doing and sometimes it is useful to turn off our electronics and focus on what’s happening right in front of you. 
With the average person checking their phone 200 times a day, once every 6.5 minutes, and spending more time online than sleeping, it is clear that we are addicted to our phones. 
How to make a success:
1. Make a list of all the gadgets you own- this will show you how much you rely on technology 
2. Make a list of the things you enjoy doing, but don’t currently do
3. Start by removing some apps from your phone 
4. Give yourself a daily allowance- going cold turkey will be difficult and you are less likely to complete your detox. Allow yourself 30 minutes a day to check your phone
5. Choose one technology habit to change at a time- this may be banning technology at the dinner table or no phones after 8pm.
6. Use your time to interact with others. Go for a coffee with a friend, sit round the dinner table with family. Chat about your day, weekend plans, holidays. 
7. Instead of checking your phone during your commute to work, why not read the newspaper, a magazine or book 
Reconnect with other, yourself, the world around and communities. 
Be more peaceful as your phone isn’t buzzing every minute causing unnecessary stress and anxiety
Makes you more productive and you’ll find you have more time in the day
Have you ever tried a digital detox or do these benefits entice you to give it a go?