Don’t just sit there!

family together walking
family together walking

Research shows that the average weight gain over the Christmas period is 5 pounds, so if you really want to eat a little more over December then you can really make a difference by increasing your activity levels. In comparison, the average gain for those who are active over the run up to Christmas is just 1 pound and with Scottish Slimmers, a weight loss is very likely, come January.

Check out our festive fitness tips and slim down this season with Scottish Slimmers:

Christmas Shopping 
Battling through the crowds of shoppers, carrying heavy bags and not too many food and drink pit stops is great exercise. Instead of doing your Christmas shopping online, think about giving yourself a bit of a workout and head for the High Street. You can add quite a few steps to your daily step count every trip!

Burn Off Christmas Checks With Quick Bursts 
Small amounts of exercise and activity soon add up and can be just as good for you as longer sessions. It’s always worth doing a few minutes to make sure your scales won’t be giving you that unwanted Christmas gift.

Card Deliveries 
So many people now use Facebook messages and e-cards to send Christmas wishes, but going old school can be a good excuse to fit in some fitness! Think about being a postman for a day to give out your cards and get out for a walk.

Christmas Chores 
Giving the house a good clean before Christmas is a great way to stay active. Attack all the tasks with as much energy as possible – did you know that scrubbing floors or windows and making beds can use as much energy as playing tennis?!

Gift Wrapping 
Even gift wrapping can be considered a bit of a work out, especially if you leave it until the last minute! The running back and forth for scissors, tape and paper can be particularly tiring but think about all those extra Checks you’re earning!

Decorating The Tree 
Turn decorating the tree into a bit of a workout. A box on the floor full of baubles and lots of bending and reaching can be quite energetic if you put your mind to it!

Hit The Dance Floor 
For nights out and parties, stick with more dancing and less dinner. Parties are about more than just eating and drinking so focus on socialising with friends and family and having fun instead.

TV Watching 
We do a lot of watching telly at this time of year. Why not let the adverts come on and run up and down stairs at every ad break? You’ll burn off those extra Checks in no time!

Put more effort into it and earn up to 20 Checks a week to spend on food and drink:

Building a snow man                     5.5 Checks for 30 minutes
Ice skating                                   6 Checks  for 30 minutes
Snowball fight                              6.5 Checks for 30 minutes
Snow boarding                             17 Checks for 1 hour
Shovelling snow                           10 checks for 30 minutes
Skiing                                         20 Checks for 1 hour

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