What Are Good Carbs?

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Carbohydrates provide essential fuel for our bodies so Scottish Slimmers FeelGood plan includes 3 Good Carbs per day with 0 Checks. But what are Good Carbs?

What Are Good Carbs?
These are typically wholemeal or whole-grain foods such as cereals, bread, rice, and pasta. A full list can be found here.

How do I search for and add to my Diary?
On your app or on the website search for what you know is a Good Carb (also known as GC) and from the results select one that has Zero Checks. Once you have selected it, click on the ADD button to log it in your diary.

Remember once you have gone past the 3 GC's allowed per day, you will start to use your weekly Flexichecks allowance.

Coming Soon
We will be adding a small icon to food search lists that will let you know what foods are Good Carbs without having to refer to the food lists. Remember you can add these foods to your favourites to save them for next time.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels