Sardines With Redcurrants Lg Thumb

Grilled Sardines with Redcurrant Salad

  Grilled Sardines with Redcurrant Salad The simplicity of fresh, grilled sardines is perfectly complemented with a salad with tangy feta cheese and juicy...
Seafood Paella Lg Thumb

Seafood Paella

  Seafood Paella Delicious and easy seafood paella.  1 large onion (chopped)2 clove garlic (crushed)Spray oil1 red pepper (deseeded and sliced)1 yellow pepper (deseeded...

Low check cocktails

Make a smarter decision next time you fancy an alcoholic drink with these simple cocktail ideas. Not only are they all 3 checks, but...
Closeup Of Hamburger Made Of Onion, Tomato And Lettuce

Super Size Me!

Super size me is an American documentary released in 2004 produced by and starring Morgan Spurlock. The documentary follows Morgan over 30 days, during...

Feelgood food plan

The Feelgood Food Plan at Scottish Slimmers means you can eat food from our 'no need to count' Feelgood food lists freely. You can...

Classic Checks Plan

Our Classic Checks plan allows you to choose from thousands of foods, create your own meals and eat the food you love with total...

Best BBQ tips ever

Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your barbecue or alfresco meal doesn't pile on the pounds. For flavour: choose from...
Beans Fried In Tomato Sauce On Toasted Bread With Cross Salad Sprinkle

Beans means….healthy

Here is an easy to follow recipe that makes a delicious breakfast or lunch. Spicy beans on toast: Serves 2 FG 0 using 1GC/ CC 8 Spray...
Raw Healthy Food Clean Eating Vegetables Source Protein Vegetarians

5 Ways to get more greens

When you're not used to eating your greens on a daily basis beginning your weight loss journey can be a huge struggle. Unfortunately for...

Five foods to cut down on for faster weight loss

Are your healthy, go-to foods doing more damage than you think? Here are our top 5 foods you ought to cut down on for...

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Person reading a book in soft light

What To Read This Autumn?

Leaves are falling. Nights drawing in. Weather changing. It's an ideal time of year to take the time to read a book, but with...
Fit Woman Athlete Resting Outdoors

Little Ways To Lose

While slimming down can feel like a mammoth task some days, particularly when you’ve got a way to go to your goal, breaking things...
Aldi Home Scents

We love… scented candles

Luxury brands make good gifts and wish lists but for everyday use, there's no need to spend a fortune. We love Aldi's Lime, Basil and...
Spring Into Action

Boost your energy… today!

Do you feel tired too much of the time?  Do you want to feel full of energy? We all know that what you eat plays...
Tuna and cheese in toasted bread

Tuna Melt Toasties

Tuna Melt Toasties are ideal for when you need a bit of comfort food. Serves 2 Tuna Melt Toasties 1 x 175g can tuna in...

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