Fried Sprout

Ginger sprouting bean salad

Ginger sprouting bean salad: Serves 2. No Check 100 g bean sproutsgarlic clove- crushed1 pepper- choppedJuice of 1 lime½ red onion- chopped2 tsp soy...
Green Curry With prawns. Thai Cuisine. (kang Keaw Wan)

Thai green prawn curry

  Thai green prawn curry: Serves 4 FG 1 using 1 GC / CC 10 Spray oil2.5 cm piece fresh ginger- peeled and finely chopped2...
Halloumi Cheese, Mushroom Burger With Sweet Potatoes Fries. Concept Of

Halloumi and roasted vegetables

Halloumi and roasted vegetable Serves 2 FG 7 / CC 7 Spray oil1 aubergine - cut into thick rings1 beef tomato - cut...
Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewers With Vegetables And Tzatziki

Chicken chapattis with Raita

  Chicken chapattis with mint & coriander Raita Serves 4 : FG 4 using 1 GC / CC 24 8 wooden skewers soaked in...
Bangers And Mash Food Photography Recipe Idea

Sausages with bubble and squeak mash

  Sausages with tasty bubble and squeak mash FG 0 using 1 GC CC 13 8 low fat sausages (Scottish Slimmers X John Davidsons )2...
Venison Burger

Venison Burger with salsa

  Venison Burger with Salsa Delicious and healthy burger with mango salsa using Scottish Slimmers range of Highland Game venison burgers  4 Venison burgers or...
A Delicious Lamb Kebab With Greek Salad

Venison grillsteaks with greek salad

  Venison Grillsteaks with Warm Greek Salad Serves 4 Checks 16.5 4 Venison Grill steaks200 g orzo (Greek pasta looking like rice)225 g bag prepared...
Thai Style Fish Cakes With Spicy Soy Glaze, Green Salad And Lemon Wedge

Super healthy Salmon Burgers

  Super healthy salmon burgers Serves 1 FG 1 / CC 10 1 boneless (skinless salmon fillet (125g) cut into chunks)1 tbsp Thai curry paste1...
Burns Night Haggis

Haggis, neeps and tatties

  Haggis, neeps and tatties Serves 6: FG 7 using 1 GC / CC 10 500 g haggis450 g potatoes400 g turnips Peel and cut the...
Tacos With Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Fresh Salsa Sauce And Limes

Beetroot and chicken chilli wraps

  Beetroot and chicken chilli wraps Delicious, healthy lunch recipe using leftover chicken.  150 g chicken breast (cooked skinned)180 g beetroot1 avocado¼ red onioniceberg lettucecoriander4...

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