Little Ways To Lose

Outdoor activity
While slimming down can feel like a mammoth task some days, particularly when you’ve got a way to go to your goal, breaking things down into smaller, littler ways to lose can make the journey smoother, easier and less stressful.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew and try out these small changes that can make a huge difference to your weight loss goals

3 A Day

In your 5-a-day, aim to have 3 pieces of fruit for every day this month. How you eat them is up to you, in a smoothie, baked as part of a dessert, or as a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Lose The Fat

Trim visible fat from meat products prior to cooking. Trimming the fat from a typical steak or pork chop could save you calories and make it that bit healthier too.


Reduce how much you use and swap fatty cooking oils for something heart-healthy like 1-cal spray oil.

Reach for that Glass

Drink more water. Start off small if you’re not used to drinking much during the day. Build it up with one glass, two glasses, and three and so on until you’ve hit your target.

Half an Hour a Day

Each week add 5 minutes of activity to your daily routine until you work up to the recommended 30 minutes per day. Your health deserves half an hour a day.
Implement these little ways to lose more into your daily and weekly schedule and the lbs will be falling off and you won’t even notice anything in life has changed – other than the scales of course!
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