Boost your weight loss

Short Cuts or Sabotage?

Healthy food shopping

What you think might be healthy short cuts might actually be sabotaging your weight loss.

Here are the top 5 grab and go foods that could hinder instead of help, if you're not careful.

Breakfast bars

Breakfast bars are easily the grab-and-go option that see us through a hectic morning, but do they really live up to their healthy reputation as a healthy shortcut? On the surface, the majority of cereal bars appear to be a healthy option, marketed as sources of iron, calcium, fibre and protein. But, behind the clever marketing, the truth about what's really inside is quite surprising. Recent research found that some seemingly wholesome cereal bars were in fact, laden with sugar and saturated fats. One chocolate flavoured cereal bar was found to contain more sugar than a regular milk chocolate bar with over 40% of its calories coming from sugar alone. The nutrition you need to kick-start the day properly is better provided by a bowl of cereal, wholemeal toast or eggs.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice must be good for us, right? Fresh fruit juices are a good source of vitamin C but high in fruit sugars so high in Checks. A big glass of fruit juice can make your blood sugar levels spike and crash. Then you crave more sugar sooner rather than later. Go for the whole fruit instead. It's higher in fibre and takes longer to eat. Drinking fruit juice isn't the best choice for weight loss so if you can't live without it while losing - that might be the better option. If you simply must have it, add water - still or sparkling - to fresh orange, apple or grapefruit juice to help the Checks go further.


Did you know that there can be more fat in a bowl of toasted muesli than in a plate of bacon and eggs! Toasted muesli can be cooked with honey and oil, and any mix of grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruit are often very high in sugar, then even more sugar is added in the manufacturing process. While muesli has filling power and bags of nutritional value it can be a poor choice for weight loss. Read the labels and go for a sugar-free, non-toasted muesli or even better, go for porridge served hot with some ground cinnamon some dried cranberries for a FeelGood filling breakfast.


Snacking on salted peanuts is definitely not the best choice but, yes, nuts are welcome on a healthy eating plan! In fact they are high in omega-3 fatty acids which is fantastic for our health and for slimming. Some nuts even lower cholesterol levels and improve circulation and ease symptoms of depression. Unsalted and whole nuts are the best way to go, with cashews, walnuts or almonds great options for a snack attack.


The advertising says delicious and packed with nutritional goodness but you are much better off eating the fruit whole rather than blitzing and swallowing as a quick drink. Whole fruit includes fibre that breaks down slowly in the gut, so has a higher satisfaction factor. Fruit contains natural sugars that your body needs time to digest. By eating fruit whole, you allow your digestive system time to break it down, but blitzing and drinking gives your body a fast hit of sugar, and your energy levels spike before crashing.

Combinations of fruits and yoghurt or ice-cream should be a high-Check treat, otherwise they can affect your losses.

It's easy to find healthy-labelled foods and snacks on the market, but some of them are not the best for weight loss. Now you know what watch out for, try some swaps and changes, then see how you feel after just a few days!