Feeling overwhelmed?

Juggling life's demands in 5 steps.


Life can get very busy at times. That gets our prize for stating the obvious!

Juggling work commitments, family life and friendships can leave us struggling to make time for ourselves, then there's the next level... that feeling of being overwhelmed.

We've all been there, that point where it all feels or appears to be too much, you may even feel trapped by everything around you. Before finishing what you started, you are already thinking about what else you need to get done in the day.

It's easy to fall into a trap of thinking that, by getting everything done in a short time, all the problems will magically go away. Unfortunately, this just adds to the stress levels and creating feelings of being even more trapped.

Let's face reality, you can only do so much in any hour, day or week, so here's how we recommend dealing with that feeling of overwhelm:

1. Write it all down

A common sign of feeling overwhelmed is not knowing what needs to be done and where to start. Begin with a calendar, whiteboard or notepad and write down what is in your head.

2. Give each task a timeline

Next to each task put a date for completing it. Having a timeline will keep you focused and motivated to clear urgent or important tasks on time, as well as to recognise what's not so important. No more missing car MOTs or bill payments!

3. Prioritise

Using your dated list of tasks, work through the tasks in order of importance. Another good way to filter them is to add an A, B, or C label... A = urgent, B = important but not urgent, C = nice to do. This system also means you can delegate to other members of your household!

4. Finish what you started

Finish each task before moving on to a new one. This will help you avoid finding yourself with a million projects only part done. There's also a great sense of achievement from finishing even the smallest of tasks, you might even feel a little smug if they've been sitting around for a while.

5. Avoid procrastination

Try not to put off unpleasant or boring tasks otherwise the list accumulates, making you feel more anxious. Dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to nudging these tasks on your list. You'll be amazed by how much can be done in such a short period of time.

There you have them, but we'd also love to have your tips or feedback on social channels. While our top tips may seem too easy and simple to make any significant difference to your busy life, they are the foundations for getting things done and leading a less-stressed, focused life. Namaste!