I can’t believe the extra weight I was carrying around!


Bricklayer Willie Yuill was struggling to carry a bag of sand o364c5dbd0a93b349f5057ca325fbfbf8 William Yuill Before Thumbn his shoulder at work the other day, it weighed 4 stones, and it made him realise that he had been carrying more than that around every day when he weighed over 22 stone! ‘It made me realise how well I’d done and gave me a huge boost,’ says Willie, who joined Scottish Slimmers in February 2015. ‘And as well as all the positive comments I get from my workmates I also find my job far easier now that I weigh less.’ Willie’s weight gain was due to a sedentary lifestyle and taking ‘a notion to lager!’ ‘Now I have become far more organised about my eating, I plan meals and snacks and save checks for those times when I have a notion for a pint!’ Now, as well as inspiring his colleagues to lose weight, he has a passion for walking and walks around 5 miles a day after he finishes work. Last year he struggled to even walk around Edinburgh when he and his wife went for a weekend break…..now his wife can’t keep up with him when they go for long walks at the weekend. ‘I was a keen sportsman when I was younger but as I gained weight I found I had no energy or inclination to do exercise at all, now that has all changed.’ Willie’s health has improved too since losing over 6stone. ‘I suffered with sleep apnoea and attended hospital for it. Since I’ve lost weight the problem has disappeared which is a huge relief. I’ve also suffered from asthma all my life, but again that has improved significantly and I don’t need to use my inhaler so much.’