I have got a confidence back that has been missing for a long time

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‘When I was overweight I felt very self-conscious,’ says mum of 3 Leanne Farquhar, ‘I have always loved shopping for clothes but never enjoyed it when I had to pick up bigger sizes. It really got me down when I would look at myself in changing room mirrors and I didn’t like what I saw.’ Leanne has enjoyed an on and off relationship with Scottish Slimmers for 18 years, but it only takes one class for everything to suddenly fall into place. And that’s just what Leanne found when she walked through the doors of Gill Duncan’s class in August 2015. ‘I saw a picture of myself at my sister’s graduation last summer and I hated it. I knew I had to do something. Previously I’d lose a bit of weight, I’d start to feel good and then stop. That was my biggest mistake, as now that I have reached my target I can get my lifetime membership and keep going to class to get the motivation I need. Up until then I kept joining, sticking to it for a while and then falling off the band wagon. I could be living in a mansion the amount I’ve spent over the years trying to get to my target!’ Leanne credits her success to the support of her friends and family as well as her bubbly class manager Gill Duncan. ‘Attending Gill’s class every week helped keep me focused and motivated. Gill has such a fun personality and her talks are extremely interesting. Almost every week she would have the whole class laughing and brought me to tears (with laughter I hasten to add!) on quite a few occasions. ‘Also my sister Jillian got to target last summer and looks fantastic, she was certainly my inspiration and now two more of my sisters, Pauline and Andrea, also go to Scottish Slimmers.’ As a mother to 3 young girls herself, Leanne says she has always been quite active, but now she has the energy to match. ‘I am definitely happier. Looking back at myself at my heavier weight I realise it affected my mood and would get me down. I’ve now got a confidence back that has been missing for a long time.’