I'm a yoyo dieter


Mel Semple has spent her life being a yo yo dieter. ‘Since my 20’s I’ve been anything from a size 8 to a size 14,’ says 48-year-old mum of two Mel Semple, ‘I’d put on a stone and then lose it and so it went on but when I hit my 40’s I found it harder to shift the weight and I went up to a size 20 in clothes.’ 27809b52ff74022b7683cf9d8a336a79 However it wasn’t until she saw holiday pictures of herself in August 2012 that she decided to take a look at her diet – and do something about her expanding waistline. ‘I had started my own cleaning company around that time and my dad died and so the last person I was thinking about was me. My diet went to pot. I was grabbing a bacon roll for breakfast, chips and fried food for lunch and chocolate and cakes in between. No wonder the pounds piled on,’ says Mel now. ‘And with cleaning a physical job I just felt unhealthy all the time,’ says Mel, ‘although it wasn’t just for health reasons that I lost. I wanted to do it for me. I wanted to feel good about myself again.’ Reaching target in September 2015 Mel went straight out and bought her first pair of skinny jeans! ‘I love buying clothes now and I’ve thrown away all the baggy tops and trousers I hid under when I was a size 20. It’s great to wear tight fitting jeans and dresses and sometimes I see my husband Chris giving me a double take now!’