10 Favourite Scottish Slimmers Recipes of 2019

Thai vegetable curry

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The team started to keep track of the recipes that were most clicked on every week and we can now reveal that 10 favourite Scottish Slimmers recipes from 2019 are...

10. Singapore Noodles

9. Broccoli & Chicken Pie

8. Black Forest Crumble

7. Stir Fried Lemon Chicken

6. Spicy Sausage Risotto

5. Lime & Honey Stir-Fried Pork

4. Thai Crab Cakes

3. Chicken Fried Rice

2. Coconut & Sweet Potato Curry

1. Thai Green Vegetable Curry

Let us know what's your favourite recipe and if there's a recipe that you think should be on the list, get in touch :)