Are you a serial snacker?

Tips for the next time you feel the urge to raid the biscuit jar.

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What you snack on between meals means more than you might think. Not just your weight loss, but to your health too.

If you choose things like chocolate, biscuits, cakes, sweets or crisps, not only do they not fill you up, but they can be loaded with saturated fat and sugar which as we all know isn't that great for us and for certain, don't help our weight losses.

That's not to say we should never have any of these things, but perhaps leave them for an occasional treat. Don't forget those FlexiChecks!

We all know that eating healthy food makes us feel great and eating unhealthy food can make us feel sluggish and under par, so it makes perfect sense to try and eat healthily as often as possible - including those snacks.

Is there such a thing as a healthy snack?

We're often asked for healthy snack ideas and a quick search will reveal plenty out there.

Take a look at our Meal Ideas Booklet which is available with our Home Pack. There are 6 pages of snack ideas, both savoury and sweet including Salmon Pate & Oatcakes, Roast Chicken & Mango Chutney Sandwich, Berry Meringue Crush, and Cheesecake For One.

Are You Bored?

Snacking when bored is an issue and I'm sure there are a few nodding heads reading this. It would be very easy to say that if you are bored… go and do something less boring instead!

Grab a piece of paper and pen and start doodling. Draw what you see. Pick up a book and read a chapter. Don't just message someone, call them. Find something to do for 15 minutes instead of reaching for the biscuits.

Get Outside

With spring just around the corner, it's time to start up that exercise regime. You can join an exercise group or class or simply go walking. There's also a number of jogging groups around the country that start with Couch to 5k programmes if you are a beginner or if you are feeling a bit rusty.

If a group does not excite you, try this Couch to 5k plan yourself or with a friend.

Looking for more Treat Ideas?

Grab a copy of Treat Yourself which is packed with over 40 recipes for solo treats, feasts for family & friends, and something nice for afters.

If you haven't got a copy of the Meal Ideas Booklet, it is available with the Scottish Slimmers Home Pack which you can purchase by clicking here.

Snacking on Plan

Whether you are following FeelGood or Classic Checks and looking for a snack, remember and add everything to your diary. Those stray Checks can be pesky things and play havoc with your weekly weigh-in.

Both plans have FlexiChecks, so if you have the odd treat, simply count it. There's nothing wrong with having one, simply keep it under control and you'll feel all the better for it.

Blog Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay