From Feeling Stuck to Unstoppable

I Didn’t Want To Be The Fat Bridesmaid!

Tracey BA

The path to transforming ourselves begins with a vision - a glimpse of who we can become.

Hotel receptionist Tracey MacCallum was delighted when her friend asked her to be matron of honour at her wedding – but Tracey also realised it was time to take a long, hard look in the mirror!‘

'My weight had crept up over the years and I was larger than I would like,’ saysTracey, ‘and with my friend Katherine’s wedding looming the decision was made, I wanted to lose weight before the big day.‘

A friend of mine was a member of Scottish Slimmers so I joined. And by the time of Katherine’s wedding, Tracey had lost over 2 stone and was feeling fantastic.

‘My family have been very supportive regardless of how I was doing and their support has kept me motivated. In fact, my daughter Rhianna even counted my Checks for me in the first few weeks until I got the app on my phone!'

‘Being overweight never stood in the way of my happiness and enjoyment of life but at times I must admit I did feel self-conscious about my weight and how I looked,’ admits Tracey.

'And even though I have reached my target weight, I still count my Checks and use the Scottish Slimmers app,’ says Tracey.

‘I still love my food, but now I eat certain things in moderation and load my plate with healthier options.’

Getting on a healthy eating plan and lose weight may feel overwhelming sometimes. But with dedication and the right kind of support, everything is possible!