I Didn’t Want To Be The Fat Bridesmaid!


Tracey BA

Hotel receptionist Tracey MacCallum was delighted when her friend asked her to be matron of honour at her wedding – but Tracey also realised it was time to take a long, hard look in the mirror!

After three children and married life my weight had crept up over the years and I was larger than I would like,’ says 51-year-old Tracey, ‘and with my friend Katherine’s wedding looming the decision was made, I wanted to lose weight before the big day.‘

A friend of mine was a member of Scottish Slimmers so I joined in April 2016. By the time of Katherine’s wedding in October 2016 Tracey had lost over 2 stone and was feeling fantastic. 'Of course the thought of looking good in my bridesmaid dress was what started it all off.‘

‘My family have been very supportive regardless of how I was doing and their support has kept me motivated. In fact my daughter Rhianna even counted my Checks for me in the first few weeks until I got the app on my phone!'

‘Being overweight never stood in the way of my happiness and enjoyment of live but at times I must admit I did feel self-conscious about my weight and how I looked,’ admits Tracey. Not any more though. And even though I have reached my target weight, I still count my Checks and use the Scottish Slimmers app,’ says Tracey.

‘I still love my food, but now I eat certain things in moderation and load my plate with healthier options.’