Blonde Woman Sleeping In Bed Peacefully

Getting your beauty sleep

After a bad night, it is common to want high fat, high sugar foods such as a large latte and slice of cake at...
Meeting Of Girls At The Fashion Restaurant

Food for thought

If we're in the right mind set, we are likely to be more successful in slimming down, living a healthy lifestyle and having a...
Making A Coffee Break

Staying motivated, especially at work

There is something about those cold, dark nights and icy winds that make us automatically resent going back out the gym after work. Not...
Past Present And Future Time Progress Concept On Blackboard Or Chalkboard

Believe In Yourself!

Can a can-do attitude be the only thing standing between you and a healthier, happier you? You better believe it! Change your cant's into cans...
Meeting Of Girls At The Fashion Restaurant

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating may be the key to weight loss: Despite years of research into health and nutrition, it has only recently been discovered that losing...
Offer Bg

Think Yourself Slim

How much attention do you give to your relationship with food? You want to be slimmer and healthier but sometimes you’ll eat when you’re...
Mindfulness Concept, Mindful Living

Where to start with mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply the ability to be involved, present and aware of where you are, what you are doing and why you are doing...

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Pouring Fresh Water On Drinking Glass Over Nature Sunlight Morning Background

Stay hydrated, stay healthy

We all know drinking water is one of the best things we can do to feel well in the hotter weather. Scottish Slimmers recommends...
ebook on beach with hat and sunglasses

What to read this summer?

Clothes bought. Suitcase packed. Currency exchanged. All that's left to do is fill up the Kindle - then the question is, what to read...
Afternoon Tea Recipes 01

Recipes for Afternoon Tea

When the sun is shining we sometimes (well very often!) dream of getting outside and enjoying a treat or an afternoon tea with some...
Chicken Fried Rice in a bowl top view

Chicken Fried Rice

Have some takeaway cravings? Grab a pan and quickly fry up some Chicken Fried Rice. Serves 2 - 12 Checks per serving. Chicken...

How to hit your step count

January means many of you want to get healthier and fitter, especially if you got a wearable fitness gadget from Santa, and Scottish Slimmers...

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