Re-inventing cinema snacks

You've got your cinema ticket and now its time to head to the snack counter and splash out on tempting treats to keep you satisfied for the entire 2 hour film... But.. have you ever thought about the calories in some of your favourite cinema treats? You might just be surprised. A large size sweet and salt popcorn can set you back 940 calories.. that's 38 Checks, almost an entire days worth. Whilst a large coke drink will accumulate 390 calories.. that's 16 Checks just for a drink!! If you regularly consume these treats at the cinema and are shocked by the values given, why not try some of our healthy cinema swaps that don't compromise on taste, and promise to keep you satisfied throughout the entire film! 1. Swap cinema popcorn for home made popcorn: Natural popping kernels are easy to come by in the supermarket now and are cheap. Toss them into a large pan and heat. shake occasionally. You will begin to hear the kernels popping. Toss the popped corn in some cinnamon or leave plain, for a tasty treat which will be under 100 calories! You should get 6-8 portions per bag meaning your expensive £6-8 cinema popcorn will now cost less than 50p per portion!! 2. Swap pick n mix for frozen grapes: Everyone is tempted by the huge pick n mix stand at the front of the cinema, but did you know just 100g of sweets will cost you roughly 350 calories?!? Why not swap them for frozen grapes. Might sound strange but when frozen, the grapes develop an almost ice cream/sorbet taste and texture making them a deliciously healthy, cooling treat for the cinema. 3. Swap your potato crisps for vegetable crisps: Set your oven to a low heat and roast some sliced beetroot, kale and courgettes with a s=little spray oil and seasoning. These will turn crisp and can be put in a zip lock bag to take with you. 4. Decrease your quantity: Instead of taking a family sized bag of maltsters, crisps etc., into the cinema, why not take a small single bag This way you are still having your treats, just in a more portion controlled manner. These swaps should help you cut down on your calories whilst still enjoying your cinema trip.