Serves: 8

Warming Thai Chicken Noodle Broth

Calories: 278 kcal


  • 1. Make a broth from the roast chicken carcass shred the chicken from the bones and skim fat off the top of the broth.
  • 2. Alternatively boil 3 chicken breasts in 1500ml of water with 2 low salt chicken stock cubes. Remove the chicken and shred.
  • 3. Add thinly sliced courgettes carrots sweetcorn sliced peppers mushrooms spices ginger garlic and sliced chilli (with seeds removed) to the broth and simmer until the veg is cooked through.
  • 4. Add the cooked chicken and simmer.
  • 5. While cooking boil the noodles in a separate pan rinse and add to the broth.
  • 6. Add seasoning to taste and top with the chopped spring onion.