Setting your fitness goals

Personal Workout Plan With Sneakers And Dumbbells
Personal workout plan with sneakers, headphones and dumbbells. Top view image

If you’re new to exercise then it’s important to set yourself some realistic targets. Just like with your Scottish Slimmers weight loss target, it’s useful to set yourself some fitness targets and challenges to keep you on track.

If you’ve not done much exercise before, you shouldn’t expect to be able to run a marathon in 6 months as this is not realistic and will only lead to you being demotivated. Set yourself some smaller short-term goals and a bigger long-term goal. Aim smaller and slowly build up your fitness over time.

Goal setting is simple if you make them SMART. Everyone’s goal will be different depending on what you want to achieve, but below is an example of how to set a goal:

  • Specific: Be able to jog for 5 kilometres
  • Measurable: Track the distance and time each time I go for a jog
  • Achievable:  Exercise 3 times per week alongside the Scottish Slimmers eating plan
  • Realistic: Improve my overall fitness and feel more confident exercising
  • Time bound: 3 months

Whatever your fitness goal, the SMART method will help you stay on track and remain focussed on achieving success. Remember: exercise should be fun, not a chore. If you’re not a fan of running then don’t take up running, or if you don’t like doing exercise alone, join a group or club. Try different exercises and find something that you like.

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