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A04b19c6a6771370453fc3b4ab9fb97b Hannah Ker Before Thumb Hannah Ker admits her weight loss really has been a ‘journey. ‘Scottish Slimmers has taught me a lot about creating balance and portion control. You can still have that bar of chocolate or a glass of wine, it is all about balance,’ says Hannah who has lost over 4 stone. ‘I’ve always had a difficult relationship with food,’ admits this HR development officer who now lives in Orkney. ‘When I was happy I’d eat; when I was sad I’d eat. At school I was always very aware that I was the biggest out of my friends but it wasn’t until I went to university that I realised how big I actually was. ‘It was after first year that I decided I needed to do something after some hurtful comments I overheard so I joined Scottish Slimmers – and a gym – the next day!’ That was in 2011 and Hannah was successful – losing 2 1/2stone but life and relationships got in the way! ‘The compliments kept coming and really motivated me to keep going but sometimes life just gets in the way, I was in a new relationship, and all girls will know sometimes you just get too comfortable!’ Since re-joining Scottish Slimmers for the second time, Hannah has lost over 4 stone, has become active – and also an Instagram inspiration. ‘I decided to create my own Instagram account for my weight loss journey,’ she explains. ‘I had been – and still do – follow so many others who had inspired me so I wanted to show my own journey as well. ‘ Hannah’s Instagram account is full of great motivational tips, tasty recipes and updates on her weight loss journey, as well as encouraging pictures of how clothes that didn’t fit her, now do, not always by losing lots of weight but by getting fit as well. Now with well over 3000 followers Hannah says: ‘It is strange to speak online to so many people who I have never met before but we all share our journeys and I always feel so pleased for them when I see they are achieving their targets. I can’t believe I now have over 3000 followers – I sometimes can’t believe it and it is so nice for so many people to be interested enough to follow me!’ Hannah still hopes to lose another stone – she is a bridesmaid to her best friend Amy in May this year (2017) – but now realises that losing weight is a lot more than a number on the scales. ‘I always felt I had to get to a certain weight and then I would be happy within myself but I couldn’t be more wrong. By eating healthily and exercising regularly I have felt so much happier in myself. I suffer from bad anxiety at times and I have found exercise to be the best form of anti-depressant possible,’ says Hannah, ‘I never thought I would see the day where I could enjoy exercise but now I attend regular circuit and high intensity classes at my local gym and have recently joined a netball team!’ Moving to Orkney in July 2013 was another step in Hannah’s weight loss journey – and she was delighted to find Scottish Slimmers had a class on the island. ‘I got a one year contract to work for a charity on the island after university,’ explains Hannah. ‘I’m still here! I love it.’ And it seems the slimming gene runs in the family as Hannah has followed in her older sister Lesley’s footsteps. Lesley has lost over 7 stone also with Scottish Slimmers. ‘She has, and always will be, 100% my inspiration.’