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7 stone 8lbs lighter!

I eat chips every night!

George Fleming

George Fleming

Facts & Figures

Name George Fleming
Age 55
From Bo'Ness
Occupation Building Control Officer / Now Taxi Driver
Class Manager Lynn Watson
Size before Chest 50, Waist 50, Collar 19
Size now Chest 40, Waist 32, Collar 16
Weight before 19 stone 7lbs
Weight now 11 stone 13lbs
I eat chips every night!

One of George Fleming’s earliest memories is his mum being on a diet and he admits he followed in her footsteps and was always on a diet too.

George was overweight, under active and very unhappy, until he joined Scottish Slimmers.

‘My mum had a weight problem, I suppose looking back she was a serial dieter and I became the same,’ says dad of three George from Bo’ness.  ‘But I never stuck to them, I never took them seriously, I always felt hungry and craving for food and gradually the pounds piled on.’


George’s wife Karen agrees:


‘I could write a book on the number of diets he’s been on.  He would stick to one for a couple of months and then fall by the wayside.’


However it all changed when George’s daughter Nicola (29) joined Scottish Slimmers – and persuaded her dad to come along.


‘I think the family all knew my health was suffering,  My eating and drinking had caught up with me and I had high blood pressure, I suffered attacks of gout and I was faced with possible type 2 diabetes.  For someone who had been good at football and rugby I was now gambling with my health and fitness.’


Within a month of joining Scottish Slimmers with his daughter in January 2014 George had lost a stone.


‘Something fell into place, it felt easy and best of all I was satisfying my appetite, I was enjoying food more than ever but I was losing weight,’ says George.  ‘people can’t believe that I eat chips every night, but I do.  We’ve invested in an air fryer, we use McCains Homefries and they are delicious!


‘Looking back the more weight I put on the more my self-confidence plummeted and I would say I had mild depression at times.  Now I have NO more gout, NO more threat of diabetes and a HUGE confidence boost. I feel like a new man with a new identity.’

Initially George was happy to lose around 2 stones but the more he lost the more he wanted to lose.


‘As I’ve said I’ve been on diets most of my life with little success and was even put on medication from my GP, again with no real benefits so when I joined Scottish Slimmers it was like getting struck with a bolt of lightning,’ says George.   ‘My journey has taken me from being a couch potato to a level of fitness that has allowed me to run and cycle with relative ease and I have recently taken part in the 5K Falkirk Park Run. It was never in my thoughts at the start of my journey to get so physically fit and active.


‘I probably lost 90% of my weight through diet using the Scottish Slimmers PEP (Positive Eating Plan) and only started doing exercise in the last 4 or 5 months of my weight loss journey.


‘I can honestly say I have never felt better than I do now. I have totally enjoyed the whole Scottish Slimmers experience and constantly recommend it to other people. It has improved my life, my health, my appearance and my confidence  tenfold.


‘Thank you Scottish Slimmers!’