Changing my mindset got me to Target

I feel Twenty again

Caroline Hernandez

"I've not just lost weight, my mindset is different too."

It's hard to imagine that bright, bubbly, vivacious yummy mummy Caroline Hernandez suffered from post natal depression after birth of her second child.

For years, Caroline felt bad about her body shape and struggled with her weight. Then Scottish Slimmers completely changed her mindset, and helped her reach Target once and for all.

'When the post-natal depression hit, it was a wake-up call to do something about my size but as much as I tried, it was difficult to do it on my own'

'I tried fad diets and other programmes - from diet pills to shakes and juicing - I gave everything a go but I never stuck to it and never reached my Target weight', admits primary school teacher Caroline, who had struggled with her weight since she was a teenager.

'The big difference this time is I've not just lost weight but my mindset is different too.'

'My whole life is better. I have more energy, I sleep better, I eat better, I can play with my children, I feel fit, I feel more confident and I am 100% happier with my body. In fact I feel like I'm 20 again!'

Her husband gave a great support too and they managed to prepare meals suitable for the all family.

'My main challenge was worrying I wouldn't have time to exercise or prepare healthy food, so my husband and I took turns to cook and prepare meals following a Scottish Slimmers' eating plan.

'The great thing about the recipes is they suit all the family! You can't sustain a 'diet' for the rest of your life but you can maintain healthy choices and that is exactly what Scottish Slimmers teaches you'.

"I feel fit, I feel more confident"

Caroline admits that before she felt bad about herself in many ways. 'I felt heavy and I got out of breath and tired very quickly. I couldn't buy the clothes I wanted to as they never had my size and I couldn't wear high heels as my weight was too much for me to cope with walking in them!'

'I felt uncomfortable going to the gym or fitness classes in case I couldn't keep up with everyone else. Now I am an active and sporty mum to my two children.'

'I still get bouts of depression, I'm not 100% fine but losing weight and taking control of my life has helped so much,' says Caroline.

'Running for me is now the best form of exercise. If I feel anxious at all I go for a run or take our dog for a long walk - it clears the mind.'

Asked what her best 'slim' moment is, Caroline says. 'Best of all is seeing myself the way I've always wanted to look.'

'I wanted to look good, feel healthy and be active with my children. I am so happy I have achieved it and I feel like a whole new person.'