IVF would not be an option

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To look at married mum of one Natalie Wright you’d never think she ever had problems with her weight.

But it wasn’t so long ago Natalie was facing one of the most difficult times of her life due in part to her weight.

Natalie remembers the day as if it were yesterday, ‘I had just been to the IVF clinic in Aberdeen and was told that at age 28 IVF would not be an option for us and that we would never be able to have children,’ says 32-year-old Natalie.

‘I begged them for any option they could give and at the time they said they had voucher for Scottish Slimmers and that sometimes losing weight could help, they offered to re-test me once I had got my weight down to within a healthy BMI range.’

Natalie joined her local Scottish Slimmers class in Aberdeen weighing 13 stone 11lbs at the time and wearing size 16 clothes, ‘The manager was so kind, listened to me and explained the plan. It was so simple and I took to it straight away,’ and with the goal of a healthy BMI and weight in mind Natalie came on leaps and bounds.

On the plan Natalie noticed far more than just her weight changing, ‘I was eating more than I had done in such a long time, healthier things, but still a treat from time to time. My hair and skin looked better, and I started to feel better.’

Natalie had been given 3 months’ worth of vouchers and just as the voucher had ran out Natalie and her partner got the best news ever, ‘I was pregnant by complete surprise!’

‘My husband and I were overjoyed, in disbelief, terrified and excited all at the same time!’

After giving birth to her son, Brodie (age 2), Natalie and her husband decided to move to Elgin for a change of pace, ‘I gave up my last job and had a long think about what I wanted to do with my career,’

‘I really wanted to help people in the same position as I was in, whether they are lost, depressed, unhealthy or just plain not feeling good about themselves and not knowing which way to turn,’

For Natalie there was one place she knew she could make a real difference, ‘Scottish Slimmers have really, genuinely turned my life around, so I contacted their Head Office and the rest is history,

’Natalie has been a Class Manager for Scottish Slimmers since last April and runs classes across the North of Scotland, ‘I absolutely love my job, it works really well around my miracle Scottish Slimmers baby, who brings us complete joy every single day,’

‘I feel like I am one of the luckiest people ever to do the job I enjoy and have been lucky enough to have a wonderful son and amazing, supportive husband,’

As well as gaining a wonderful son and an amazing new career, Natalie has also lost 2 stone 6lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes with Scottish Slimmers.