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I loved giving away my old clothes

Christine Gardner used to have a wardrobe bulging with clothes that she couldn’t fit into but couldn’t bear to throw away. But after losing 2...
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Anniversary trip of a lifetime helped me lose!

Lesley Wilkinson from Carnoustie admits that she buried her head in the sand for years and didn’t really pay attention to her weight. ‘I...
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Share my weight loss journey!

Hannah Ker admits her weight loss really has been a ‘journey. ‘Scottish Slimmers has taught me a lot about creating balance and portion control. You...
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The best birthday present ever!

Mum of two Jenny Fountain received the best birthday present ever this year – reaching her weight loss target one month before her 30th...
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A whole person…gone!

TV picture editor Margaret Morrison is no stranger to successful slimming – back in 2000 she lost weight with Scottish Slimmers and managed to...
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I’m still shocked I’ve got a waist!

Super slimmer Audrey Gordon from Dundee is still in shock – after losing a staggering 11 stone. ‘I feel so much different and still get...
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Zumba Magic!

Mum of 3 Anne Marie Duffie admits she has tried every diet under the sun. ‘I realise now I was kidding myself on. I’d lose...
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I got my pre baby body back by using the Scottish...

Rue Smith from Glasgow understands how difficult losing weight and balancing life can be - especially when you've got a new baby. Luckily Rue found...
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I’m a yoyo dieter

Mel Semple has spent her life being a yo yo dieter. ‘Since my 20’s I’ve been anything from a size 8 to a size 14,’...
E12391dc22e68a8b2bca5556ee0f7425 Rsz Aj7r0195 Thumb

I didn’t want to be fat at forty

With a significant birthday looming, Dawn Thomson decided she didn’t want to be fat at forty. The busy working mum-of-two vowed to lose the extra...

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