The best birthday present ever!


05801f532d76d44721090d5b9d66b737 Jenny Before (2) Thumb Mum of two Jenny Fountain received the best birthday present ever this year – reaching her weight loss target one month before her 30th birthday in September after losing 4 stone! ‘I could not be happier,’ says Jenny from Nairn who is mum to 4-year-old David and 2-year-old Henry. ‘I set myself little goals of weight to lose for different occasions like my husband Brian’s birthday, the boys birthdays and such, but this year was my 30th and I knew I had to reach my ultimate target weight by then! ‘I also had a school reunion about the same time so it was a double incentive and it was worth it as quite a few of my old school friends didn’t even recognise me!’ says Jenny who has lost 4 stone. Jenny admits it was in her 20’s that she started piling on the pounds. ‘I would be out most nights eating anything, drinking anything and not looking after myself,’ she says, ‘and then when I was pregnant with my first son I got weighed for the first time in a long time and was shocked to find I was over 16stone. How did I get so big?’ After her son David was born she joined Scottish Slimmers – only to fall pregnant again with her younger son Henry. ‘After Henry was born I re-joined but still found it hard to shift the pounds,’ admits Jenny. ‘Then in April this year I downloaded the Scottish Slimmers app for my phone and the weight just started to fall off. Four months later I got to my target losing exactly 4stone with Scottish Slimmers and all together losing 5stone 10lbs since the boys were born.’ As a young, active mum Jenny couldn’t feel better. ‘I’ve always been quite sporty and although I was overweight I still did exercise and 5 k runs and things like that but now I am so much fitter. I can run a 5k in 27 minutes – my personal best before was 58 minutes so that says it all. I’ve also joined a football team – the Nairn Ladies – and I think of that as my best ‘slim’ moment.’ Jenny admits that chocolate was always her downfall – and always will be. But now, instead of eating a four pack of chocolate bars without even thinking about it, she rations herself. ‘Eating new foods and trying different things has been great, not just for me but all the family,’ says Jenny. ‘I never skip breakfast now, we eat well as a family, and I make sure I record everything I eat – or drink – with the Scottish Slimmers app which keeps me on track.’ Jenny isn’t alone in her weight loss journey – her mum, Gaby, has lost weight with Scottish Slimmers in the past so Jenny knew she had made the right choice. And just in case she ever forgets how she looked – and felt – she has one of her before ‘fat’ pictures as her screensaver on her phone. ‘Every time I pick up my phone I see it – I can’t think of a better incentive to keep my weight off for good!’