Tips for the party season

Christmas is a time for relaxing, indulging and enjoying good quality family time. For many people this is a daunting period, with calorific food, alcoholic drinks and indulgent treats all around. However, as long as we stick to essential dates such as Christmas Day and New Year's Day for indulging, these top tips should confidentiality get you through Christmas with minimal weight gain. 1. Stay fit over Christmas: Keep your fitness regime up over the festivities. Quick workouts or long walks with the family are ideal for burning extra calories and preventing excess weight gain. 2. Increase Vitamins: Stave off the colds, flus and seasonal affective disorder by increasing your intake of vitamins such as A, D, E and C. However, don't reach for supplements yet. Try increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables such as citrus fruits, berries, butternut squash, greens and apples. This will not only help ward off illness but keep you fuller for longer and lean. 3. Limit the alcohol: Enjoy the festive parties but instead of continuous alcoholic drinks, try sipping on a glass of water between glasses of wine to keep you hydrated whilst still enjoying yourself. 4. Drink bubbles: Bubbly drinks like prosecco and champagne have fewer calories than wine and beer. Keep your waistline slim by sipping on these tasty bubbles. 5. Nibbles at Christmas: Most party nibbles are full of fat and processed carbohydrates. Not good for the waistline. Try reaching for olives, vegetable batons dipped in hummus or fruit salad instead of sausage rolls. 6. Drink mixers: Choose healthy mixers low in sugar as the sweeteners in fizzy drinks could increase your appetite making you reach for the party snacks. Pick tonic water with your gin or soda water with a vodka. 7. Cure the hangover: Forget the greasy fry-up to cure your hang but instead reach for a nutritious filling breakfast. Our nutritionist suggests a bowl of porridge, handful of mixed berries, 5 almonds and a dash of Manuka honey to support the liver. 8. Rehydrate: The festive season entails many work parties, family gatherings and more which consists of a few too many glasses of wine. Make sure you are always hydrated, sipping on water throughout the day. This will prevent a sore head the following day. 9. Get outside: The chilly weather makes us want to curl up and watch a movie inside. However, wrap up warm and get outside. A long walk in the crisp weather will boost immunity, increase energy levels and stop you feeling stuffed up inside. 10. Enjoy yourself: Lastly but certainly not least important is to enjoy yourself. Christmas only comes along once a year and everyone should take this time to indulge, spend quality time with family and friends, and relax. Yes you might gain a little festive weight however, comes January when Scottish Slimmers classes restart on 3rd, get back on track and focus then knowing you have had a great Christmas.