We ate our way through the hard times – but not anymore!


D3295d44961edc810eb451a147f74884 Ian And Theresa Before Thumb Following a stressful illness and an engrained habit of comfort eating, Edinburgh couple Ian and Theresa Harper were hitting the scales at well over 30 stone between them. ‘We had a bad 2014 with Ian being unwell for a large part of that year and it became obvious that we are both ‘comfort eaters’ and basically we ate our way through the hard times! ‘As 2015 dawned we knew we had to do something. With the New Year and my 60th birthday coming up, we decided together that enough was enough, and I really did not want to be an overweight OAP!’ laughs mum-of-three, Theresa. ‘We joined the Morningside class one Saturday morning in January and instantly felt at home. Our Class Manager is Julia Robertson and she is so entertaining, professional and inspiring – really words are not enough to describe her. We truly look forward to seeing her every week and listening to her fantastic talks and it wasn’t long before we realised our weight loss goals could be a reality.’ While holidays used to be a stress with flights being the main issue, now the couple have transformed their lives, are very active and love active holidays. ‘I used to struggle with the safety belts on planes and using the trays on the seat was a nightmare as it squeezed down on my stomach,’ says Ian. But since losing a combined 7 stone with Theresa – they both got to their target on the same day! – they are a super slim, super active couple who have not only taken comfortable, stress-free holidays but have even enjoyed an active cycle holiday from Amsterdam to Bruges where they were on their bikes for 50 miles every day - something they never thought would be possible before joining Scottish Slimmers. ‘We have definitely found a new lease of life. We have taken up cycling and joined a gym. We love cycling and after our amazing holiday in June last year we are planning a cycling trip to the Rhine valley this summer.’ And the good news is the both feel the health benefits as well. ‘Ian’s high blood pressure has completely gone and is now within the normal range for the first time in years and I was constantly popping pills for gastric reflux but not anymore. All of our friends have been so impressed and we like to think they realise how easily it can be done with the help of a great Eating Plan and an even better Class Manager!’