We love… scented candles

Aldi Home Scents

Aldi Home Scents

Luxury brands make good gifts and wish lists but for everyday use, there’s no need to spend a fortune.

We love Aldi’s Lime, Basil and Mandarin reed diffusers and candles, inspired by the Jo Malone range.  A fruity and floral scent builds up after a couple of days without overpowering in the way that some cheaper diffusers can be.

Attractively packaged and in a simple glass bottle, the diffuser provides a scent that’s clean and fresh but not over-powering.  The candle is a winner too, lasting a long time more than the £3.99 price tag would sugggest.

Break the Bank: Jo Malone diffuser £64.00

Thrifty choice: Aldi Candle 3-pack £11.97


Aldi Reed Diffuser No 3Aldi Reed Diffuser No1