What to do when life becomes overwhelming

For most of us, life can get very busy at times. Juggling work commitments, family life and socialising can leave us feeling overwhelmed and struggling to fit in some 'me' time. Feeling overwhelmed is the point where you can no longer manage. Things appear to be on top of you and you feel trapped by everything that is going on. Before finishing what you started, you are onto thinking about what else you need to get done in the day. Often, we become our own worst enemy thinking that if we try to get everything done in a short space of time, it will solve our problems. However, this just adds to our stress levels and leaves us feeling even more trapped. You can only do so much... if you try to do everything you will burn out. So how do we deal with feeling overwhelmed? 1. Write it all down A common sign of feeling overwhelmed is not knowing what needs to be done and where to start. Begin by writing down what is in your head and the reasons for this. 2. Prioritize From the list you have written, start to place them in order of importance.