Zumba Magic!


0d6d24270d6b2f4c72454097723a75ce Anne Marie Before (2) Thumb Mum of 3 Anne Marie Duffie admits she has tried every diet under the sun. ‘I realise now I was kidding myself on. I’d lose a bit, think I looked okay and then slowly go back to my old ways and put the weight back on again,’ says Anne Marie from Falkirk. However when a friend posted on Facebook that she had got to her target weight with Scottish Slimmers Anne Marie decided – ‘I’m going to re-join.’ ‘It’s the best decision I’ve ever made,’ says Anne Marie who joined her local class in February 2014 and has lost over 3stone. While Anne Marie was always active and went to her local Zumba class once a week she realized she wasn’t eating the right things – and not moving enough! ‘Even though I went to Zumba when I was overweight I didn’t sweat, I wasn’t putting 100% into it,’ explains Anne Marie. Once she started losing Anne Marie found the combination of Scottish Slimmers Positive Eating Plan and her Zumba class began to get results. ‘Within a couple of months of combining the two I could see and feel a difference in myself and as my body shape changed my confidence improved no end.’ By November 2014 and exactly 2 stone lighter Anne Marie signed up for a Zumba instructor training course. ‘I had no intention of taking classes, it was just something I wanted to do for myself,’ says Anne Marie who now runs 3 classes a week. ‘Now that I run my own classes I find the whole thing empowering, two of my classes are for vulnerable adults and it is so rewarding and then I take my own local class in the evening. ‘I do loads for charity and sometimes when I look back it’s amazing how it has all evolved,’ continues Anne Marie. ‘I have had my ups and downs along the way when I went on holiday, Christmas, things like that, but I always went straight back to class and without the support and encouragement of my class manager Denise Feist every week I think I would still be struggling. ‘But when I reached my target weight in August of this year (2016) I was so emotional, it was the best feeling ever!'