How to hit your step count


January means many of you want to get healthier and fitter, especially if you got a wearable fitness gadget from Santa, and Scottish Slimmers is here to help! The daily target recommendation is 10,000 steps a day so here are some ideas from Scottish Slimmers to help you keep your step count high.Join in: Get someone to join in your challenge and get competitive with each other. Why not get your workmates to aim for 10,000 steps a day and see who wins?Dance like no-one's looking: Every morning, dance around the house for 30 mins - it can be as much as 3,000 steps!Maximise the dog walk: Take the dog for a walk, every time she stops to sniff, do steps on the spot until the dog's ready to move on again. Don't have a dog? Offer to walk a friend's dog or a neighbour's dog. It's another reason to go for a walk!Make every brew count: Pace round the kitchen while the kettle boils. You're not allowed to stop walking till the little click says tea is ready!Make your own indoor gym: If you live in flats, use the stairs and walk up and down the corridors. Great when it's raining. Go into the large shops in the shopping centres and go up and down the aisles as well as in the supermarkets.Walk the kids to school: Get everyone being more active rather than taking the car!Phone exercise: Every time you're talking on the phone, stand up and walk on the spot!Enjoy it! When it comes to getting more active, this doesn't have to mean joining a gym or taking up running. Walking is great for your fitness. Go for a walk with a friend and catch up. Try a sport you loved at school. Give a dance class a go. Whatever it is, find that one thing you really love and start by focussing on that. If you force yourself into activities you find a chore, you won't keep them up for long.Remember that even if you're not losing weight, exercise can help boost your mood which is ideal to help you beat the January blues and stay motivated to reach your weight loss targets!Join Scottish Slimmers now and be a healthier, happier you. Find your local class here.