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Creating Healthier Habits

Choose how you lose, Classic Checks or FeelGood Food, plus EveryDay Essentials for healthy choices and nutritional balance.

Our Healthy Habits Eating Plans - including Classic Checks and FeelGood Food - are published in one handy guide, included in Premium subscriptions, or available to purchase in the shop or at Amazon.

With Scottish Slimmers, weight loss cannot be simpler.

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Personal Daily Diary

For the best and most consistent weight loss results use your personal Diary every day to track your eating habits.

Whether you prefer web or mobile app, your diary will also keep count.

You'll see, clearly and quickly, what's helping or hindering your weight loss, with information to make the lifestyle choices that support sustainable weight loss.

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Mobile App

Scottish Slimmers' Eating Plans use our unique, easy-to-follow and effective Checks system, which makes losing weight as simple as it can be.

Our unique and simple Checks system means you can enjoy tasty, nutritious food every day and, subscribers have access to unlimited recipes... so you won't run out of inspiration!

With food choices the whole family will love, you can download the app free from your preferred app store.

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Personal Weight Tracker

Make your weekly weigh-in a habit, then don't obsess.

Successful weight loss isn't achieved overnight, or even in a few days, it takes at least 28 days to form habits, more if you want them to last a lifetime. That's why we recommend you weigh in once a week, every week.

Your weekly weigh in tells the story of your journey and, when you include your body measurements too, you'll see inches, as well as pounds, drop off too.


Delicious Recipes, Nutritious Meals

Eating well is the secret to sustainable weight loss, so Scottish Slimmers subscribers enjoy unlimited access to all our delicious, easy-to-follow recipes.

With recipes to create more than 1000 menus, you'll find meals for different tastes, budgets and cooking skills, using real food and healthy ingredients.

There's something for everyone with Scottish Slimmers - just use the add to diary button to add recipes, or create recipe to add your own.

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Weight loss guaranteed!

Our easy-to-follow Healthy Habits Eating Plans guarantee successful weight loss, whether you choose Classic Checks or FeelGood Food.

Scottish Slimmers' unique and simple Checks system means you can enjoy tasty, nutritious food every day and, with unlimited recipes and menu ideas you'll never run out of inspiration!

Our expert advice will guide you along the way and, when you need support, just ask the Scottish Slimmers community.

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