Think Yourself Slim

How mindful eating works


How much attention do you give to your relationship with food? You want to be slimmer and healthier but sometimes you’ll eat when you’re not hungry and all the wrong things Mindful Slimming guru, Lesley Jefferson, has a lot to say about weight loss, food and how you can think yourself slim.

Mindful eating: The final piece in the jigsaw puzzle?

Despite decades of research into diet and nutrition, what’s only recently been properly recognised is that losing weight and keeping it off isn’t just about diet and exercise programme. It’s about making permanent lifestyle changes. That means making healthy choices most of the time.

OK- but the habits of a lifetime can be very stubborn to change- maybe you already know that? Think about it. I’ll bet in the past you’ve given up burgers, chips, takeaways, ice cream or chocolate so you could lose weight. But are you prepared to give up the very idea that you love them? Can you imagine a day when you prefer vegetables to chocolate?

Mindful Slimming: Easier than you might think!

The good news is that we can help you feel happy and confident about the lifestyle habits that will get you and keep you slim. Using a natural brain training programme based on mindfulness and hypnotic suggestions, you will achieve a permanent slimming mindset that you might just be missing.

The focus is on 2 things:

1. Awareness:

You’ll fully tune into the signals your body is giving you about hunger and fullness. And you’ll notice all triggers- including the emotional ones- that in the past would have meant eating, whether you were hungry or not.

2. Action:

Making mindful choices; eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are full. Simple as that. You’ll be able to turn down those office birthday cakes and leave food on your plate when you are full. You’ll choose healthy food and find ways to get more active. Comfort eating will be a thing of the past, Yo-yo dieting a distant memory.

Now go... and believe in yourself!