Food for thought

Our best 5 tips to improve your relationship with food

Food for thought article

If you're in the right mindset, you are more likely to be successful in living a healthier lifestyle and having a better relationship with food. What we eat is only half the story when it comes to good nutrition. It's often assumed that if we eat something healthy, we will absorb all the nutrients available. Likewise, it's often believed that if we eat something unhealthy we will put on weight.

In reality, you can eat well but, if you are stressed, you are unlikely to gain the full nutritional value of your food. Stresses such as finances, relationships and work are obvious but we often miss hidden stressors. Response to stress is instinctive and comes from real or imagined danger, and how the body responds can affect your weight.

Having a positive relationship with food can affect the way our bodies process food, and you can improve your relationship with food by following these tips...

1 - Eat real food. Removing artificial and processed food from your meal plans rewards you with a healthy appetite and optimal health.

2 - Eat regular meals. Appetite is influenced by the timing of meals so, if you skip meals, the body wants more food, increasing the likelihood of eating more.

3 - Food is fuel for your body. Undereating slows down metabolism, as the body responds to starvation by holding onto body fat and burning calories slower.

4 - Be a role model. Teach your family the importance of healthy eating; when you eat well, your family are more likely to eat well too.

5 - Learn to love yourself. The numbers on the scales are just numbers, how you feel is much more important.

Slow and steady is the best way to make any changes in your life. There are no quick fixes so, each day, focus on the journey ahead, whatever challenges you need to overcome. Most importantly, move more, eat well and be kind to yourself. That's the key to a happier, healthier and longer life.