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When we're in the right mindset, we are more likely to be successful reaching our goals or realising our ambitions. That applies equally to our weight, fitness or work-life.

What we consume is just one aspect of good nutrition. Many people think that eating something nutritious guarantees absorbing all the available nutrients, and conversely, consuming unhealthy foods leads to weight gain. However, the truth is more complex than that.

In addition to the type of food we eat, factors such as how our bodies process nutrients, our overall lifestyle, and genetic predispositions all play a role in determining our health, as will other factors such as regular physical activity, adequate hydration, and sufficient rest to support our wellbeing.

By taking an holistic approach to health and nutrition, we can ensure that we are nourishing both our bodies and minds for optimal health and vitality.

Good nutrition is important but stress can hinder nutrient absorption. Hidden stress factors beyond obvious ones like finances and relationships can impact weight due to the body's response to stress.

Having - or developing - a positive and balanced relationship with food will also impact how our bodies process food, so it's worth creating some benchmarks for the meals and menus in your daily plans. Here's a guide:

1 - Eat real food. Removing artificial and processed food from your meal plans rewards you with a healthy appetite and optimal health.

2 - Eat regular meals. Appetite is influenced by the timing of meals so, if you skip meals, the body wants more food, increasing the likelihood of eating more.

3 - Food is fuel for your body. Undereating slows down metabolism, as the body responds to starvation by holding onto body fat and burning calories slower.

4 - Be a role model. Teach your family the importance of healthy eating; when you eat well, your family are more likely to eat well too.

5 - Learn to love yourself. The numbers on the scales are just numbers, how you feel is much more important.

Slow and steady is the best way to make any changes in your life.

Quick fixes are rarely sustainable so, each day, focus on just the day ahead and, whatever challenges you face, move a bit more, eat a little better and be kind to yourself. Your happier, healthier life is waiting.

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