Can you give me advice on maintaining weight?


When you have reached your Target Weight, it is something of a matter of trial and error to find the right amount of daily Checks you need for 'energy balance' (i.e. not losing or gaining weight). However as a guide when you reach your Target Weight, whatever your weight is in kilograms will also be the approximate number of Checks you need each day to maintain that weight in the long term.

For example if your Target Weight is 65kg (10st 3 lbs) would euqate to 65 Checks a day to maintain your weight. Of course, 'average' varies a lot - and your age, height, activity level and lifestyle will all have a bearing on this and a weekly weigh in will confirm that you're on the right track.

It is quite normal for your weight to fluctuate, and the guide for maintenance is to set yourself a 'ceiling weight' that you not exceed. We recommend 7lbs/3kg above your Target Weight. Once you hit this upper limit it is an immediate trigger to take extra care with your food choices to lose the few pounds. If you watch the pounds, the stones will take care of themselves!

At this point it is tempting to think that you don't need your Daily Planner but we recommend you continue to use it for 6-12 month, to reinforce your healthier eating habits.

Go back to My Profile > Personal Details and select the option to 'Maintain Weight' then stay within the Daily Checks Allowance set and continue to record your weight weekly, this will help you to find the right Check balance that works for you.

If you discover that you are gaining a little weight, then adjust the suggested number of Checks down by 4 per day per week until you find the right balance for you.