Master Meal Prep

In 5 Easy Steps

for effective weight loss and maintenance.

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Taking the time to plan out meals and prepare will help you and your family. Having a meal prepped that, in a few minutes will be on the table ready, will reduce the snacking, stress and keep you on track.

Just as you wouldn't just add any kind of fuel to your car when it needs it - don't fall into the trap of eating anything you can get your hands on when you are busy.

Make meal prepping easier with these 5 steps...

1. Think Ahead

Take a look at your diary and see what days are the busiest and when you really need those pre-prepped meals.

2. Meal Plan

Jot down ideas for your meals, keep it simple. Don’t try and go too fancy. Check out our emails recipe inspiration.

3. Go Shopping

From your meal plan, make a shopping list for what you need for your meal plan. Remember don’t go shopping when hungry!

4. Get Cooking

This takes the most time and you'll need to set enough time to get it done. You'll know why we say that keeping it simple works. Keep to one-pot meals that don't take up too much time.

5. Label & Store

Divide up your cooking into portions and into stackable clear containers. Label them with what’s inside, when you made it and store in the fridge for when you need them.

Meal planning can look like a lot of work if you have never done it, but following these five steps, it will make it easier for you and in the end, you'll find yourself less stressed about family meal times.

Download our guide and keep it in the kitchen as a handy reminder.