Achieve your goals


If you are looking to lose some excess weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle, you have come to the right place. Here at Scottish Slimmers, we pride ourselves in our decades of experience in weight management and know a thing or two about how to successfully achieve your goals.

Having a game plan is the most effective way to reach your goals.

Plan: it is worth investing time in planning. make an appointment with yourself a the same time every week to plan- preferably with no distractions. It should be some 'me time'.Create meal and exercise plans for the coming week. By creating your meal plan before you eat, rather than tracking what you have eaten once you have eaten, you will have more chance of eating only what's on the plan.

Set realistic targets: It's unlikely that you'll make it to the gym before work if you have children to get to school. So don't write this down as a goal if you have little chance of achieving it- you are only setting yourself up for a fall. Similarly, if you've never swam more than 10 lengths before, it's unrealistic to set your target at 50 lengths. It would be more realistic to set a goal to add one or two additional lengths each week. You might struggle to fit in gym sessions, so a more realistic target is exercising at home two or three times a week.

Set specific targets: Are you an evening eater? There's little point saying you'll give up all food after 8pm. It's far more useful to say you'll swap the crisps you usually eat for plain popcorn or you'll have sugar free jelly instead of sweets.

Create a shopping list: With a list, not only will you find it easier to stick to your planned meals, but you'll also save money as you won't be buying anything you don't need.

Batch cook: If you can devote time to batch cook, you'll be planning for several weeks at a time if you freeze in surplus.