Achieve your goals

Your Healthier Life Starts Now

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Let's start with a question, can anyone honestly say their New Year’s resolutions have ever changed their lives forever?

If you're the rare exception, congratulations!

At Scottish Slimmers, we pride ourselves on our decades of experience in weight loss and wellbeing, so we know a thing or two about how to successfully create habits to achieve your goals.

Changing habits takes time, which is often forgotten, so we all need a little patience and a lot of resolve. When the scales don’t move as quickly as we think they should, it can leave us feeling deflated, unmotivated, and unhappy.

We’re here to remind you, first of all, that it’s okay to have down days, the trick is to learn and understand your own body and mind, the triggers and temptations, and to keep coming back to your plan.

We're also here to help keep you motivated but don't take our word for it, there are many reasons to take control of your eating habits, and a few quite specific to weight loss:

  • Breathing easy: Losing half a stone can help your breathing, especially at night. You might even find it cures snoring!
  • Travel in style: Let's face it, sitting in confined spaces - on the train or the bus - isn't something to relish so look forward to less cramped and more comfy journies.
  • Glowing skin: It may be obvious but, if it’s good going in, you’ll look good going out. Once dull, grey skin gets a makeover when you nourish your body.
  • Mood boost: Lowering your weight can help reduce anxiety and increase brain activity, giving you sharper focus and clearer thinking.

After only a month of eating better – you will feel refreshed, revived and healthier!

Scottish Slimmers will keep you focused on your goals, and the most effective way to achieve your goals is with a game plan...

Not a Plan, but planning: it really is worth investing time in planning. Make an appointment with yourself a the same time every week - preferably with no distractions - to create menus for the coming week and, from your menus emerge your shopping lists.

Never go shopping without a list: not only will you find it easier to stick to your planned meals, but you'll save money. We eat what we buy so, like magic, you've started a routine that removes guess work and last minute purchases.

Have realistic targets: the *when* is as important as the *what *. If it's unlikely you'll make it to the gym before work, schedule a time you can commit to. Similarly, if you're new to swimming, starting with 10 lengths is more achievable than 50! Over-committing just sets you up to fail, so make your choices wisely.

Batch cook: scheduling time to batch cook is a habit worth building. You'll remove guesswork with healthy meals for several days, or weeks if you freeze. Meal planning the best use of time, reduces waste and saves on the food budget... especially if it cuts out lunchtime meal-deals.


Think about your long-term health and wellbeing, all of which will be improved losing just a few pounds.

Think about your summer wardrobe and your holiday photos.

Whatever your motivation, if you haven't started yet, start now, is there a good reason not to?