Your mindset matters

Change is not just for January

Make changes that last.

Fad fixes3

Whether you’ve gained or gave up over the holidays, or now feel it's time for a healthier lifestyle, you have to get your mindset in the right place to make changes that last. Losing weight is just as much about your thinking as eating better.

To make sure you make changes that don’t fizzle out by the end of January, here are our suggestions to help you get into the right mindset.


There is nothing more important than your wellbeing so make sure you put it first. Eating better and taking some time for yourself can help you feel the best you've ever felt! Write down what aspects of your overall health and wellbeing need improving. Every time you feel demotivated give it a read to remind yourself why you have chosen an eating plan rather than a fad diet.

Good Food

Focus on the food you enjoy and avoid snacking. Try to choose healthily 80% of the time, let go for only 20% and accept that there might be days when you eat better than others. Nobody is perfect!


Ignore that voice in your head that makes you stay on the couch! Gyms may be closed at the moment but YouTube is full great exercise videos and tutorials, or download the BBC Couch to 5k app (C25k) and start to walk your weight off.

January blues!

When it’s cold, dark and rainy, it’s easy to dwell on waht's not going well and lately, things have been tough for all of us. Never give up!

You can reach your goals, with determination and support from Scottsh Slimmers. Look ahead and think about how amazing you'll look and feel when you achieve your target!

Goals and Targets

It’s an old one but it really works. Setting yourself some goals and targets can help to motivate you to stick with it! We may not be able to get together in person, but Zoom or Facetime mean you can check in with one another for a mood boost. Getting support can really make a difference!

Remember, success is built on every small milestone adding up, and every day is a chance to start again. It won't happen all at once, but the important step is that you persevere and don’t give up!