accelerate weight loss

Fit in your fitness


Here's how to create a healthy habit that gets you on track. Only 30 minutes every day does wonders for your health, wellbeing, and your weight loss. Here's how to get started... and keep going!

Plan your time

How many times do you skip doing any exercise? It's all so easy to miss it for another day and the reasons can be endless - it's cold, it's raining and windy. I don't have time. I'm too slow. I'm sure that you can think of another that you've used to avoid doing some exercise.

The first step is to look at your diary and find 5 days where you can block out 30 minutes for exercise. You can even break it up into two 15 minute sessions or even three brisk 10-minute walks. It doesn't need to be signing up for the gym and all the classes. Come on!

Be realistic and plan your activity for when it suits you best. If you're not a morning person then don't plan for a morning workout, if you know in your heart of hearts that you won't stick to it. Plan it for when it is easiest for you and at a location that suits you best... either at home, in the gym or taking to the outdoors to make the most of the weather when it's nice. You choose!

Try a new exercise or sport

Already getting those active minutes in every week? Go you!

If you hit the stage with your workout plan that you're feeling a little demotivated or not feeling the results, switch things up a bit. Add something new to your routine.

If you walk 5 days a week, why not try changing one day for a kettlebell session in the home instead. Adding strength workouts to your week is recommended advice.

There are plenty of different activities and sports that you can try out. Pick one and try it out. If you find that it's really not for you, find something else. Remember, exercise should be fun!

Set yourself a goal

Setting goals will help you stay focused and keep on putting on your trainers or turning on to YouTube to find your dance fitness routine.

If you break that goal down into more manageable stages, they become more easily attainable and realistic, helping you stick to them. Couch to 5k is a good example of working and progressing towards the goal over 9 weeks. (And you can download the BBC app free from your app store.)

Each week, work on what your next small achievable goal could be and keep track of your progress. For example, aim to do one extra sit up or running for an extra 10 seconds.

This is real progress and little by little, you'll begin to feel and see the results. Go you!