The benefits of exercising

Here there are the top 9 benefits you can enjoy after even just 30 minutes of exercising a day.

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Only 30 minutes a day of exercises like cycling or brisk walking is recommended to keep us all healthy.

Here's 9 amazing benefits of exercising regularly:


Getting your heart pumping relieves tension and stress, reduces depression and anxiety.

A slimmer future:

Burning more energy will help maintain or reduce body weight and fat.

A healthier heart:

Regular exercise reduces the risk of high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Reduced risk of diabetes:

Physical exercise can help prevent the onset of diabetes.

Better hearing:

Cardio workouts have been proven to help improve hearing in the short term and preserve it in the longer term.

Better quitting power:

Research has shown that smokers who exercise are twice as likely to quit smoking than those who aren’t active.

More creativity:

Aerobic exercise can help get your creative juices flowing! If you are stuck on a crossword clue or Sudoku puzzle – get moving and you might find the answer!

Deeper sleep:

Being more physically active during the day can help you get more, better quality sleep at night.

Digestive health:

People who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer constipation than couch potatoes!

Often exercising can feel daunting, but even just start to exercising 10 minutes a day and gradually progress to 30 can give you big results and a lot of benefits.

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