Make One Change Today

... small changes that can make big losses!

Nobody embarks on a weight loss journey or makes lifestyle changes because they feel great. Feeling good, fantastic even, is something we dream about when we're actually feeling the opposite.

Losing weight can feel like a mammoth task some days, particularly when you’ve got a way to go to your Target, so breaking things down into smaller steps can make the journey easier and less stressful. One to enjoy not endure.

The good thing is it really doesn't take much to start feeling great. The simple act of deciding that you want to make changes is a starting point. Here are our top small changes you can make today!


The basis of healthy eating habits starts with 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, so to start, aim to have 3 pieces of fruit every day for the next week, then repeat! How you eat them is up to you, fresh and raw is best but baked as part of a dessert, or freshly prepared in a juicer is fine - but not every day!

Trim The Fat

Meat and two veg is a staple main meal for many so, if that includes you, remember and lose the fat. Trim any visible fat or buy lower fat minced, cubed or strips of meat to save you Checks.

Spray or wipe

Swap out that tablespoon of processed cooking oil with rice bran or olive oil in a spray bottle instead. Reduce how much you use by using kitchen roll to wipe oil around the pan, reducing the mount of oil by half!

Reach For The Tap

Did you know your body has the same response to dehydration as to hunger? Drinking water is important to help with concentration, alertness and healthy skin. Make a point of drinking one glass every hour, it takes only 24 hours to notice the difference this makes.

Get your heart

Put on those shoes and get outside and raise your heart rate. Brisk walking is a great way to start reaching 30 minutes a day of exercise recommended for us all. If you are not typically active, start with a 15 minute brisk walk, twice a day to improve your physical and mental health.

There you go, an alternative 5-a-day! Five small changes to your daily schedule and you won’t even notice anything in life has changed – until you step on the scales of course!


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