Move more!

Setting your fitness goals

for faster weight loss


Looking good is a strong incentive for leading a healthier lifestyle, according to research from Mintel, so it's worth remembering that regular exercise will boost your weight loss.

Many of us have sedentary lives - we drive or take the bus to work, sit at a desk, watch tv or use a laptop on the sofa - not what our bodies were built for.

You may be surprised to hear that something as simple as walking is one of the best exercises for weight loss. Walking is convenient, it’s easy to fit walking into your daily routine, and a great way to start regular exercise without feeling overwhelmed by the challenge or the cost of buying kit.

Another benefit of walking is that it's low-impact exercise, so it doesn’t stress your joints.

It's easy to add more steps in your day, take a walk during your lunch break, use the stairs at work, get off the bus a stop or two early, or take your dog (or borrow one!) for extra walks. Listen to music, a podcast or audio book while you're moving, bone-conducting headphones don't block out your surroundings as other, in-ear buds do.

Whether you're returning after a break, or if you're new to exercise, then it's important to set yourself some realistic targets, over-reaching will just demotivate you. Set yourself a few smaller or short-term goals and a bigger long-term goal. Aim smaller and slowly build up your fitness over time.

Just like your Scottish Slimmers weight loss target, it's useful to set yourself targets and challenges to keep you on track.

Exercise should be fun, not a chore. If you don't like doing exercise alone, ask a friend, join a group or club. Try different exercises to find something that you like, then you'll see you weight loss targets sooner.