Stay hydrated, stay healthy


We all know drinking water is one of the best things we can do to feel well in the hotter weather. Scottish Slimmers recommends 8 glasses a day and today we'd like to make the target a little easier to get to with our top tips to boost your H20 habits!

  • Drink a glass of water first thing every day, before sitting down for breakfast or making that cup of tea or coffee
  • Keep a jug of iced water in the fridge and before you eat, drink a glass or two of H2O
  • Invest in a water bottle that has a timer on it or set the alarm on your phone to remind you when you should be drinking more water.
  • Keep track of how many glasses of water you're drinking using the Scottish Slimmers App.

If you're not the biggest fan of plain water try flavouring your drink up with some of your favourite Feelgood fruits for a nice twist. You can use anything melon, apple, lemon or summer berries.

Include your favourite water-based foods on your daily menu. Try to eat more fruit, vegetables and soups (at any time of year) We highly recommend homemade ice lollies, cucumber and watermelon in salads and sugar-free jellies for dessert.

If saving pennies is important, think about how much you'll save by switching to water. Every time you drink the equivalent of a 500ml bottle of fizzy diet drink, drop your cash in a savings jar for a few weeks and you'll never go back!

When you're enjoying a night out or a weekend visit to the local beer garden, be sure to alternate your alcoholic drinks with glasses of water. Your body will thank you in the morning!