Energise your working day...

Lunchtime walk

There is something about those cold, dark nights and icy winds that makes us slowly lose motivation. We feel less motivated to exercise and it's easy to turn to fast-food for the warmth and energy we need after work.

It is so easy to say "I'll start my weight loss or fitness journey once the weather gets better", but your health is more important than a few down days.

Tokeep you on track, we've rounded up three top tips to maintain a healthy routine, especilally if you are working from home.

1. Take a walk at lunchtime:

If you get an hour lunch break don't spend it scrolling through social media. Get up and go for a walk!

A 15-25 minute walk will refresh your brain and boost your energy, powering you through your day. And, a short walk after eating aids digestion, so will aid gut health.

Getting some fresh air will also clear your mind, helping you focus for longer through the afternoon.

2. Ditch the lift:

If you still going to your normal workplace, using the stairs instead of the lift will get your heart rate up, increase your calorie burn and will help build lean muscle in your legs.

There are added benefits to taking the stairs: heart health improves, muscle strength and power improves.

Did you know that climbing stairs releases endorphins, which are known as the 'happy hormone'? Yes, just walking up the stairs will start to push the stress of work away!

3. Stretch:

Every hour, take 3 minutes for yourself to stretch. Sitting hunched over a desk typing away on the computer is not beneficial to our bodies.

Stretching helps reduce muscle tension, improves the movement of our joints, improves blood circulation and increases the energy levels.

Incorporating a small blocks of activity into your working day will boost your energy, keep your muscles moving and motivate you to do more, even if you are working from home.

You might think these seem too seem small habits but, better than none and practiced regularly, they will help you stay motivated and boost your energy levels to power through the winter season, long days or challenging times.

Doing the small things everyday really makes the big things happen!