Boost your willpower

Avoid falling back into bad habits, you got this!

Youve got this

Willpower is essential for avoiding unhealthy habits and making healthier choices, such as eating more fruit and vegetables, or getting more active.

Don't despair if your self-control is lacking - you're not the only one!

Wobble: I can't stop thinking about 'forbidden food'

We have to stop thinking about food as 'bad'. There is no food that I forbidden at Scottish Slimmers. When you tell yourself 'I cant eat cake'... all your brain will want is cake! Include your favourite foods or healthier alternatives of them in your eating plan to help you feel satisfied.

Wobble: I've had a hard week and I could really do with a drink

ou can include alcohol on your plan but in moderation. If you are going to have a drink, be aware that you are actually enjoying it. Take it slow and be mindful of what you are drinking. One or two drinks will be enough to satisfy you.

Wobble: I'm struggling to find time to exercise or cook

Make sure you plan exercise and put it in your calendar. Then plan things around it and don't reschedule or make excuses not to go. Make time to look after yourself. It's so important. Make activity and cooking great food your priority for a while. Be good to yourself.

Wobble: I'm overcome with the urge to eat sweet treats

Instead of going for a sweet treat, allow yourself to eat something that your body will love. Try a snack made up of Feelgood foods first and then if you still have the urge to have a sugary food, have it and count it. Then move on and get back on track.

Wobble: I worked hard and deserved to lose weight this week but I've stayed the same.

Sometimes weight can take time to shift. Measure your success in other ways. Take measurements instead to see if you're losing inches or take pictures every week so that you can see the difference in how you look. Try to have a little patience and don't give up. Feel proud of your efforts. You'll get what you deserve in the end.

Wobble: I want to feel better and look good but it seems a long way off

If you're choosing from a menu in March, it's hard to motivate yourself by thinking about looking good on your summer holiday, because it feels so far away. Plan little rewards along the way- the No Check type. Having something to look forward to can keep you motivated.

Think about your week ahead and class next week or weigh-in. Focus on being strong for 7 days at a time.

Make your portions perfect:

Are you eating enough? Making sure you're never hungry will help boost your willpower.This is how your plate should be made up:

  • Half plate of vegetables
  • Quarter plate of lean meat or meat-free proteins
  • Quarter plate of carbohydrates- Good Carbs- whole of the grain alternatives.

Each of the groups is important as they provide us with different nutrients. To get the balance right, you should have plenty of fruit and vegetables and starchy carbohydrates, along with some lean meat, fish, eggs or vegetarian alternatives and low-fat dairy products.