5 Top Tips

Returning After The Holidays

I forgot again

You know how it is... days spent in pyjamas until the afternoon, meal times all out of sync, no alarm clocks, no school runs, plenty of meeting with friends and family then, suddenly, the holidays are over and chaos returns!

Getting back to normal needn't be stressful, with our top tips to ease yourself back after the break, you'll nail this.

1. Prioritise and Set Goals

Make a list of what needs to be done this week and set yourself mini-goals. Prioritise those things that need and you want to get done. Stay organised and make the best use of your time before it runs away with you.

2. Eat Well

After the excesses, it's important to get yourself back into an eating routine that's healthy. Plan your meals, write out your shopping lists, then batch prepare your lunches and dinners to make it easier to stick to plan. Bonus... you'll save time during the week.

3. Make Time For You

Go easy on yourself. It's so easy to be busy being busy. Write down your activity goals or book list for the year, go for a walk or start that Couch 2 5K programme. It doesn't matter what it is, make sure it's about you.

4. Get Rid Of The Clutter

The Christmas Tree may be back in the box or at the recycling yard, but what about everything else. It's amazing how a sense of peace and calm can be created with a mini 'spring' clean that gets rid of clutter. You don't have to do the whole house top to bottom, take one room and start there.

5. Look Ahead To The Weekend

This might sound strange given that you may have had a few days holidays, but look ahead to the weekend. You might have a cinema date or meal planned with your partner. Focus on what is coming up that excites you and you'll find that it will help you see through the chaos and the light at the end of the week!

Your Top Tips

What are your top tips for easing back into a routine after the holidays or a break?

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