Eating Mindfully

Tried & tested tactics

Mindfulness on sand

Mindful eating may be the key you're looking for to achieve weight loss.

Despite years of research into health and nutrition, it has only recently been discovered that losing weight - and keeping it off - involves more than just eating less and exercising. It is important to create healthy, long-lasting habits that will benefit your overall wellbeing.

Eating is enjoyable and should not be restrictive. Mindful eating is about experiencing food and enjoying the pleasure that comes with it. If you sit down and eat a burger slowly and mindfully, you will enjoy it more and feel satisfied afterwards, meaning you do not chase the satisfaction as often.

An important aspect of a healthy eating plan is using all your senses to pay complete attention to how you are eating rather than what you are eating. This increases your awareness and triggers internal signals to alert you that you are full and satisfied, reducing overeating.

Use these top tips to be more mindful of your hunger points:

1. Sit down for meals and remove distractions such as the TV or phones.

2. Slow down. Chewing aids digestion.

3. Enjoy your food without any guilt. Slowing down your eating and taking time to enjoy the taste of your food, you will allow your body to tell you when you are satisfied and had enough.

4. Learn how your body feels when you eat. When you feel comfortable but not stretched or bloated, stop eating.

These are habits that might take time to get the knack of - 14 to 21 days for most people - but they will help you create a more healthy eating lifestyle, so definitely worth it? We think so!